domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

My current obsession

h&m rings
This set of 10 rings was purchased at h&m for 3,95€. I legit wear this everyday, not all of them together obv: 3 in one finger, 1 in another ( same hand ) and one in the other hand, for example. I can not explain how much use I've gotten out of this babes. They also come in gold, but I honestly hated those ones, sorry if you like/liked them. 4 of them are plain silver, 2 are thin with a pattern, 2 are a bit fatterwith a different pattern, one is very fat (comparing it with the others) and has 3D "circles" and the one thats left is very fat as well, with a zig-zag line and little dots. Go and get yourself a pack of this at h&m right now seriously !
And why not show you my most worn 3 accesories apart from this ones ?

claires - ring & necklace
swatch - watch
xoxo crrrrrrrris