lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012

domingo, 14 de octubre de 2012


Sneak-Peak of a new post comming up very soon ! 
clue: its a video
pd: hat and sweater im wearing are from H&M
xoxo cris

miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2012

Hello Fall – Hello Rain

Ladies, please welcome the fall. Yay! I was so hyper when my mom told me it was raining! I love fall clothes and fall weather. You will soon see fall inspired outfits as well as my leather bag-pack, which I haven't forgot of !

xoxo Cris

domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

Fall into Autumn

Perfect autumn/fall outfit in my oppinion. Cargo pants are incredibly 
in this season. Couple years ago my mom insisted in me buying a
pair of these, and I thought they were horrible, she insisted so
bad I got a pair in gray. Imagine how little I was, they were from 
Zara Kids ! hahahaha. I wore those to death and I remember my
mom saying, this are not very in now, but they will be in a couple 
years. More than a couple passed, but she was right ! Once again, my 
family is a huge fan of leather bagpacks, when we went to Orlando
in 2007 (I think) my dad ordered one for him, one for mom and one
for me and we took them as our carry-on bags. Now I see this
everywhere. You'll see my old-leather bag in a post soon. And of 
course a white-tee never gets old, as well as a nice pair of combat 
boots (Steve Madden Troopas) and a deep red for you nails. 
Accesorize with some edgy 
rings and your done !

xoxo Cris

domingo, 12 de agosto de 2012


After 10 amazing days spent with my family in Lanzarote, im back with tons of outfit pictures. The problem is, we took pictures with 3 different Reflex Camaras, which I have pictures from only one of them. Luckly I'll get all of the rest today !

Después de pasar 10 increíbles días con mi familia en Lanzarote, he vuelto con muchos "outfit posts" y un montón de fotos del viaje. El problema, es que sacamos fotos con 3 cámaras distintas, y yo solo tengo las fotos de una de ellas. Pero con un poco de suerte las tendré todas hoy por la noche.
xoxo Cris

sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

What I got in France - Souvenir Edition

Lets be honest, Im not a huge souvenir person. But when I find cute little things like the France bracelet or the neon yellow St Tropez one, I have to get it. And when all my friends get matching ones, I have to get them even more. So as obvious as it is, the St Tropez bracelet I got in St Tropez. I got it in a little jewlery shop in the street where MAC, KIKO and other stores where located. I believe it was 10€ for three, so me and two of my friends got matching ones. The France one I got in Antibes, but they sell those everywhere in France. And the pink rap-around one, even though it says something in portuguese, they were very popular in France, so again, me and some friends (not only Spanish but Sweedish as well this time), got that one in the night flea-market of Juan les Pins. But now, lets talk about those cute little things. I told my friends I was not going to get any presents for them because France is trully expensive, and they were so so fine with it (hahaha), but when I saw those cutiepies I couldn't leave them there. They are such a cute detail, and even though Nutella is not French, there is Nutella everywhere in France !
I also got a shirt in Monaco, but thats in the drier ahahaha (dont worry, you'll see it sometime).

Promise next post will be an outfit one, though its gonna be pretty hard for me to shoot tomorrow :(.
-xoxo Cris

miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

What i got in France - Beauty Edition

Hace poco fui a Francia a estudiar obviamente francés (hahaha) 3 semanitas. Me quedé unas noches en casa de mi tía en Madrid por lo que mis amigas, mis primos y yo decidimos ir a Zielo a comprar, donde fuimos a KIKO a gastar un poquitín. El perfume lo compré en una fábrica de perfume muy famosa, dónde marcas como Paco Rabanne, Dior etc, compran los olores para luego ponerles su nombre y venderlo. No pude sacar fotos de la fábrica porque no me lleve mi cámara al viaje, pero la bloggera Petra Karlsson, hizo una entrada en su blog donde sale una imagen de ésta, podéis verlo aquí, no es por nada, pero su blog es increíble, y ella era una niña súper buena también. Y no esque sea una excusa, pero los pintauñas de KIKO estaban a 1,50, asi que era una buena oportunidad para que mi colección creciera hahaha.

So recently I went to France to study obviously french (hahaha) for 3 weeks. I actually slept a couple nights in Madrid in my aunts house. So my friends, cousins and I decided to go shopping to KIKO and did some damage there. The perfume I got in a perfume factory we went to. Perfumes like "one million" by Paco Rabanne and tons more well known perfumes, (the scent) came out of this factory. I did not take any pictures because I did not bring my camera BUT, the blogger Petra Karlsson, was in my group and she did take a picture of the factory which you can check out here, just to say, her blog is trully amazing, and she was an amazing girl as well. And let me just tell you guys, the nailpolishes, where on sale for 1,50 (WHAT WHAT ?), so I had an excuse to buy three more to add to the collection hahaha.

xoxo Cris

martes, 24 de julio de 2012


So I went shopping today and one of the things I got was this clutch. Its an adorable leather clutch with coral lining. The clutch has palmtree cut-outs all over the borders. I think they're adorable. Its also the perfect size. The original prize was 15,99€ but I got it on sale for 9,99€.
My mom was searching a t-shirt rack and saw this randomly, so, thankyou mom hahaha. Im so gonna wear this tomorrow, so I promise an outfit post feauturing this and some of the other purchases I got today.

- xoxo Cris

domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

My current obsession

h&m rings
This set of 10 rings was purchased at h&m for 3,95€. I legit wear this everyday, not all of them together obv: 3 in one finger, 1 in another ( same hand ) and one in the other hand, for example. I can not explain how much use I've gotten out of this babes. They also come in gold, but I honestly hated those ones, sorry if you like/liked them. 4 of them are plain silver, 2 are thin with a pattern, 2 are a bit fatterwith a different pattern, one is very fat (comparing it with the others) and has 3D "circles" and the one thats left is very fat as well, with a zig-zag line and little dots. Go and get yourself a pack of this at h&m right now seriously !
And why not show you my most worn 3 accesories apart from this ones ?

claires - ring & necklace
swatch - watch
xoxo crrrrrrrris