sábado, 28 de julio de 2012

What I got in France - Souvenir Edition

Lets be honest, Im not a huge souvenir person. But when I find cute little things like the France bracelet or the neon yellow St Tropez one, I have to get it. And when all my friends get matching ones, I have to get them even more. So as obvious as it is, the St Tropez bracelet I got in St Tropez. I got it in a little jewlery shop in the street where MAC, KIKO and other stores where located. I believe it was 10€ for three, so me and two of my friends got matching ones. The France one I got in Antibes, but they sell those everywhere in France. And the pink rap-around one, even though it says something in portuguese, they were very popular in France, so again, me and some friends (not only Spanish but Sweedish as well this time), got that one in the night flea-market of Juan les Pins. But now, lets talk about those cute little things. I told my friends I was not going to get any presents for them because France is trully expensive, and they were so so fine with it (hahaha), but when I saw those cutiepies I couldn't leave them there. They are such a cute detail, and even though Nutella is not French, there is Nutella everywhere in France !
I also got a shirt in Monaco, but thats in the drier ahahaha (dont worry, you'll see it sometime).

Promise next post will be an outfit one, though its gonna be pretty hard for me to shoot tomorrow :(.
-xoxo Cris

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